Best Tips on How To Prevent a Burglary

Green Locksmith Tips To Ensuring Home Security

With the news that nine out of ten of all the 5 million home burglaries that take place in the United States each year can be prevented, it makes sense to take measures to do so. While so many different types of crime prevail and are unexpected, you can take steps to limit the chances of being burgled.

Follow our guide on the best tips to prevent burglaries:

  • If you use lighting as a deterrent in the form of security lights, mount them up in a high position so that they cannot be unscrewed by a burglar.
  • Even better, is to invest in lights that are motion sensitive – they are activated by movement in the perimeter of your
  • Timer switches can be easily set with variable times to turn on and off lights in your home.
  • Gardening can help too! Take care of overgrown shrubs, bushes and trees so that thieves cannot lurk in the darkness they create.
  • Slow down the progress of a burglar – they are not as persistent as you might think and will not pursue lock picking if it is too hard. Deadbolts make it much harder, so install them on all exterior doors.
  • Double-locks also help on glass doors so that breaking of glass doesn’t guarantee entry. Make sure you keep the key in a safe place so family members can exit without delay in the event of a fire.
  • Make sure all windows and patio doors have extra locks beyond those installed as factory standard.
  • Consider installing an alarm system – these are great to alerting people of the possible presence of an intruder and can sometimes be directly wired to the local police station. Green Locksmith can advise and oversee the installation of such alarm systems for a very reasonable price.
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