Car Ignition Key Replacement

Need a Replacement Car Key? Here is What You Should Know

Lost or broke your car key? First of all don’t panic! There are different ways to obtain your ignition key replacement. The first thing you must know is that key duplication at a simple key shop is not an option. Today’s vehicles come with a programmed transponder key with a chip that is unique to each car and model. This allows for better security but also makes things a bit more complicated and pricy when in need of an ignition key cutting.

Option #1 – Car Dealership, the Pricy Option

The biggest mistake that most people make when they have lost keys, is calling their car dealership. Getting your ignition key replacement at the car dealers will cost a lot, up to a few hundred dollars and may take days to complete. Another thing to keep in mind is that dealerships will not send someone over to you to have your ignition key cutting done, so you will have to pay extra for towing.

Option #2 – The Internet: Cheaper but risky

Ordering an ignition key replacement online may be a cheaper option but not always secure. Just like you wouldn’t give a stranger access to your house, providing your car chip key information on a website where you can’t see the person behind it, can be risky. Yes, plenty of people buy stuff online, but if a website charges your credit card without permission, it can be easily tracked down. As opposed to that, if your vehicle gets stolen, you might never see it again. Why not call a trustworthy car locksmith company that can have your ignition key cutting done on the spot?

Option #3 – Your Local Car Locksmith: Cheapest, Quickest & Safest

A professional locksmith will offer a variety of auto locksmith services, ignition key replacement being just one of them. To choose a good locksmith that makes replacement car keys, make sure the service includes sending someone over to your location in a timely manner. Second, double check that the price sounds reasonable; it should always be cheaper than that of a car dealer. Third, make sure the locksmith technician is fully licensed by the BSIS. When the technician has completed the ignition key cutting, verify that the key opens the car door and starts the engine smoothly.

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