Change Locks in Oceanside, CA

Moving into a new home can be extremely stressful. There are numerous items to take care of, including packing, moving, and various financial responsibilities. As a result, some important “must-have’s” fall through the cracks. Upon moving into a new home, it is crucial that you contact a local locksmith to change locks or perform rekeying services.

New Home: Fresh Start with New Keys

As a well known locksmith in Oceanside, CA and throughout Southern California, we wanted to remind all new homeowners and renters that they should never forget to change locks to their new home. The last thing you should worry about is security and the possibility that a copy key to your home might be floating around somewhere and get into the wrong hands. You deserve privacy and above all, security.

If you are looking for a fresh start with your new home, consider the importance of a fresh lock and key system. Green Locksmith Oceanside is one reliable company that can properly change door locks or even perform rekeying services on the old lock so that only a new key can open the door. This is such an important service that you should not wait even a week after your move-in date. Not all locksmiths are available 24/7, so make sure you hire a company that is a 24 hour locksmith in your area. Check that the technicians are licensed by the BSIS so that you can rest assured that the work is done properly and you are receiving a fair price.  You can always call Green Locksmith Oceanside as we are dedicated to upholding a high level of quality and customer satisfaction.

Consider Changing Window Locks and Garage Door Locks

In addition to changing door locks, you may want to take the opportunity to have our Oceanside locksmith evaluate other lock and key areas of your new home. Have you ever considered the vulnerability of window locks or garage door locks? Green Locksmith Oceanside has the experience and knowledge to properly assess your home security and offer you tips on how to improve your home security.  All locksmiths arrive in a fully equipped van with various types of keys, locks, key cutting machines, and much more. Discounts are given to customers all the time as we truly believe in the importance of securing your home – especially your new home.

In summary, we urge all new (and old) Oceanside, CA residents to make sure your homes are well protected. If you just moved in, ask about our rekeying services! And, don’t forget that a free evaluation of your home security is worth it! From window locks to garage door locks, you should always be protected.