Criminal Acting as a Locksmith

How to Carefully Select a Certified Locksmith Professional

It seems as if anyone can pose as a locksmith these days. Let’s face it, you don’t have the luxury of doing a quick search when you’re locked outside your home. You need to get back inside, so you might have to rely on a bogus locksmith company. In order to prevent this from occurring, you must ask for a quotation and price estimate before any work gets done. Phony locksmiths can easily make up charges, in which you could spend a lot of money on a routine procedure.

Criminal locksmiths have their own prices in which they can jack up for false services. That’s why it’s critical to ask for a direct quote over the phone. A good locksmith company will most definitely provide you with a fair estimate for all services performed. Make sure you get the quote in writing, so you can show the locksmith technician as soon as they arrive. You can always ask a few friends or relatives for a referral if they’ve used a reliable locksmith in the past.

Ask for Proper Credentials

You should always ask to see proper credentials and ID before allowing any locksmith access to your property. ALOA is the most recognized and respected form of standard ID in the locksmith business. Make sure the technician presents the ID at the scene, so you can feel more comfortable. Don’t be afraid to ask the company about referrals. A professional locksmith will gladly comply with your request and should be more than happy to brag about their clients.

Avoid any prices that sound too good to be true. You can compare several locksmith companies to get a better idea on pricing. Once you have the written quote, you can feel a bit more at ease. Having a quote in writing states the terms and conditions of the pricing, which means that the locksmith company can’t increase the prices unless they notify you beforehand. If you don’t get an estimate, you’ll be required to pay whatever price they locksmith determines “fair”.

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