El Cajon Transponder Key Services

Transponder Key & Ignition Key Replacement in El Cajon, CA

Losing your car keys is not as uncommon as you would think. In fact, car key replacement services are almost just as common as locking oneself out of one’s home or car. Yet losing a car key seems much more daunting; the car is sitting right there, sometimes it is even open, yet it won’t move no matter how much you try. That’s where you need a car key ignition locksmith and Green Car Locksmith El Cajon is here to help! Call us (619) 447-0690 for immediate car locksmith services!

An Introduction to Your Car Keys

Your car key is cut in multiple ways: computer code, unique pattern or to the lock. In 1995, to add an extra level of safety to car keys, car manufacturers started embedding car keys with transponder chips or chip key technology. The chip, not requiring a battery, is a unique code which matches the car’s engine system. When the key is either placed in the ignition itself, or is in close contact with the ignition, it sends a special signal to the onboard computer which allows the engine to start. If the chip is damaged or missing, the car won’t start.

Your El Cajon Transponder Key Programming Locksmith!

In addition to making traditional non transponder keys, Green Locksmith El Cajon specializes in car key replacement, specifically transponder key programming. Unlike most auto locksmith, transponder key programming requires extra attention to detail as the codes and cut of the key need to be exact for the vehicle to work. As one of the premier car locksmiths in El Cajon, Green Locksmith can assist you with even the most difficult of transponder key programming so that you’ll be back on the road in no time!

Here at Green Locksmith El Cajon we want to remind you to trust the professionals. Going to the dealership can often be very expensive, and buying a blank chip online is risky. After all, if the chip is slightly damaged it won’t work, and unless you have special equipment to program the key, it’s useless. You need a certified, trusted ignition locksmith to program the transponder key or chip key technology just for you. Green Locksmith, a Better Business Bureau and State of California certified company is here, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Don’t fret about needed a car key replacement, use El Cajon’s premier transponder key programmer, Green Locksmith!

If you need any kind of car key replacement services, you can rely on the certified technicians at Green Locksmith El Cajon. Call us 24/7 (619) 447-0690!

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