Garage Door Locks Installation Professionals

There is no doubt that garage doors should have locks installed on them. After all, you leave your car behind them fully expecting them to be there the morning after. This is precisely the reason why so many car owners choose to install locks on their garage doors.

Keeping your home and business safe!

Locks are our specialty! We will not simply unlock them for you, but rather provide you with better ones so you can sleep better at night knowing that everything you need protected will certainly be so! We offer different types of locks such as high security locks, cabinets’ locks, commercial door locks, and many more. We also provide security products such as alarm and CCTV systems among other products.

Why choose Green Locksmiths?

We glad you ask. Being around for as long as we have, there are several important advantages we offer our customers:

  • We are certified and licensed – this means you will getting nothing short of the best, most professional service available
  • We are open for business 24/7 – this means that no matter when you need us, one of our experts will immediately hit the road and come for the rescue!
  • We arrive quickly this means that within 30 minutes a professional technician will be by your side so you will not have to waste precious time.
  • We come to take care of business – our teams are fully equipped with the best, most cutting edge equipment and technical tools. This means they will get the job done in one short visit.

We at Green Locksmiths see ourselves as part of the local community and therefore devoted to provide the best service possible.

How may we be of service?

We take pride in providing an especially wide range of services for private as well as commercial customers, offering a solution for your every need:

  • 24/7 emergency locksmith services: including emergency vehicle unlocking, emergency lockout services of residential and commercial properties, and emergency rekeying services.
  • Best car locksmith services: including unlocking cars’ doors and trunks and lock picking, extracting broken ignition keys, car key replacement, and transponder key programming.
  • Residential locksmith services to protect your home: changing, installing, and repairing locks, servicing security systems, installing and repairing garage door locks, and the like.
  • Commercial locksmith services providing top security products such as intercom systems including installation and repair, master system re-key, commercial door locks, file cabinet locks, alarm systems, CCTV systems installation and maintenance, exit devices, changing, installing, and repairing any type of lock.

So if you find yourself locked out, just give us a call and we will be there in no time!

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