High Security Locks

Green Locksmith Provide High Security Locks

If you’re looking for a locksmith to provide you with San Diego high security locks, there is one company you should definitely consider. Green Locksmith San Diego is there 24/7 to answer your calls and send someone to respond to your locksmith emergency. We’re there with all the tools you need and will happily supply you with high quality security locks that will keep your property far safer than any standard lock. You can have our services around the clock, and we’ll be there in 30 minutes from when you call to install or repair your high security locks.

Affordable Pricing

One of the most important questions for high quality security devices is affordability. You want something that will be affordable for you but also be of good quality to provide the measure of security you’re seeking for. With Green Locksmith San Diego, you can get high security locks at a great rate. Our services are all given for a competitive wage in the industry today, and you’ll know what they are right up front. We don’t put hidden fees on our services so that you are caught in a web of having to pay for things you didn’t expect to pay for. We keep all pricing clear from the get-go so that we can maintain a completely open and honest working relationship that will continue for years to come.

Need for High Security Locks

Standard locks are an excellent measure against security breaches in most cases. Homes, cars, and even offices are usually protected by standard locks, including deadbolts, chain locks, and the like. But intruders can find their way through these by picking, bumping, drilling, copying keys, making an impression, or otherwise forcing their way through the lock. These kinds of things are easy for an experienced housebreaker or thief. Your property and business should be better protected than this, and one way to protect it is to have Green Locksmith San Diego install high security locks on all your doors.

Kinds of High Security Locks

High security locks are usually more resistant to the above methods of breaking in. For starters, they might be made of solid brass as opposed to tin, which makes them stronger. They may have additional steel inserts, ball bearings, or other pieces that resist drilling, prying, picking, and other attempts at forced entry. Or they may even have telescope pins – not just singular pins, but pins inside of each other to make the lock even more complicated. The reason they’re so secure is that only you can copy the keys for high security locks. You’ll receive a sort of ID card with the lock that you will sign, and therefore you’ll have to present this card and your own ID to duplicate any of the keys. It doesn’t matter if you choose electronic locks, scanners, keypad readers, key cards, combination locks, or mechanical locks; Green Locksmith San Diego can provide them for you easily.

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