Transponder Key Programming

Lost Chip Keys? Turn to Green Locksmith!

Green Locksmith and associates can help you with key programming for your chip key and transponder key, saving you both time and money.

You probably don’t think about your car keys too much but did you know that your car key is quite an advanced piece of technology. A lot of engineering goes into today’s car keys to ensure that your car is well protected from theft.

Key programming was engineered to ensure that your car is impossible to start without the correct key.

If you have lost keys and you have a transponder key or a chip key for your car you will need a professional to make a replacement key for you. You can go back to your dealer to get this done or you can call a professional locksmith to perform key programming for you.

The locksmith service you use will be able to perform key programming for you by using the key codes that are in your driver’s manual, using these key codes the lock smith can re program a new car key for you.

You must also note that before allowing a locksmith to do this you may need to get proper authorization to make duplicate keys.

You should also always check that the locksmith service that you use is insured, licensed and bonded. No law abiding locksmith will make copies of a restricted key without the proper authorization.

When the locksmith technician arrives, you can ask to see his credentials. A licensed locksmith should have no problem showing this credentials to you and this is a good way to check that the locksmith company you choose is by the book.

A professional locksmith service will only use technicians that are properly trained and licensed.

So the next time you get stuck and need key programming remember your local locksmith could help you providing he has the proper credentials.

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