Southern California Locksmith Services

The Expert Locksmith Service Of Southern California

Having been a part of many varied communities in Southern California it has been the pleasure of our team here at Green Locksmith to provide all the locksmith care our neighbors have needed over the years. With knowledge and training in every service required whether at home, in the office or in your car it is our goal to provide the best locksmith service in Southern California no matter the size of the project.

To accomplish this goal the Green Locksmith team has made it our policy to be available to the people of So. California 24/7 with a response time of under 30 minutes. We have teams located in the varied metropolises from Los Angeles to San Diego, including Long Beach and Orange County.

All it takes to get the best locksmith service around is a quick call to 866-822-7100.

24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Solutions Performed At Your Location!

Our Standard of Service

What is it that sets us apart at Green Locksmith? Perhaps it is our standard of service! Green Locksmith technicians are highly trained and certified with all the software and tools that allow us to provide every locksmith service to you.
Our many services include the following: change locks, rekey services, repair service for locks, master key creation, iron gate lock services, cabinet locks, surveillance systems, alarm system repair and installation, lockout solutions, ignition rekeying, key duplication, transponder key programming etc.


  • Changing a Lock: A lock change is a service many people try to take on themselves. Replacing an old lock with a new one may seem very straightforward, but since security is our priority our team has training on the correct measurements and appliances to use for each unique residence. Getting your home or apartment newly keyed can help prevent previous residents from returning with their keys.
  • Lock Re-keying service: Many people don’t understand the difference between changing locks and rekeying them, but we do! A lock change is the process of replacing an entire appliance, a lock re-key is the process of actually changing the current mechanism in minute detail so that a new key can control the lock and the original keys can not.
  • Systems of Access Control: Many high-end commercial venues have access control surveillance systems. These systems help to restrict the flow of pedestrian traffic into and out of the institution. From banks to theaters and even in hospitals there are many reasons to limit entry to certain areas. Whether an access control system like this requires high-security locks with individual pin numbers, biometric input systems (literally fingerprint scanners) or simply access badges we are able to help organize and provide maintenance for complete access control. Please call for more information as the options are incredibly varied.
  • Residential Security: This includes iron gate work such as gate lock installation and repair, as well as closed circuit surveillance or garage door lock maintenance.
  • Master Key Works: Cutting or installing a master key for your home or business is a simple task for our technicians. A master key will allow you to open multiple locks with a single key eliminating the need for extra keys.

As you can see our services are incredibly varied. We have been faithfully providing emergency locksmith service to those suffering car lockout as well as installing the most elite access control systems for years, it doesn’t matter to us whether the job is large or small we’re committed to doing it well! So no matter what the task is, cutting keys or installing surveillance, let our Southern California locksmith team serve you will excellence and enthusiasm!

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