Modern Locksmith Services

Technology Has Come a Long Way

As technology rapidly advances, so does the level of security products and home alarm systems. Technology has allowed locksmiths to continually improve the quality and security of all services. The great thing about technology is that you no longer have to spend a fortune either. Professional locksmith companies can easily install or repair any home security system you have. You should never take a chance with your security at home. Here are a few home security gadgets to consider when choosing a locksmith company:

  • Magnetic Contact Alarms – Magnetic contact alarms release loud noises when the door or window that the device is attached to, is being forcefully open. These devices are small, yet extremely effective in startling would-be burglars from entering your home. They are very inexpensive, and will set you back a few dollars per unit.
  • Infrared Motion Detectors – These motion sensors work just as a regular motion detector, except the infrared allows the devices to detect heat. Certain infrared motion detectors can distinguish the level of heat between a human and a pet. The good news about these detectors is that you don’t have to get startled when your dog or cat goes through them. These specific devices cost more than the average motion sensor detectors.
  • Keypad Deadbolt Locks – As the name implies, these deadbolt locks are run by the digits of a keypad. You don’t need a regular key to gain entry inside your home with a keypad deadbolt lock. The technology involved enables the lock to be much more secure, and prevents against hackers. The particular locks are a bit more expensive, but certainly worth the investment.
  • Fingerprint Deadbolt Locks – These locks are a true testament to modern day technology. Fingerprint deadbolt locks can store up to 30 unique fingerprints, and has a fingerprint recognition time of less than 2 seconds. The good news is that you won’t need to worry about losing your home keys, but the drawback is the price. Fingerprint deadbolt locks can cost upwards of $150. Much like keypad deadbolt locks, they are definitely worth the investment.

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to specializing in the latest and most secure forms of technology, Green Locksmith, leads the way. We are an honest and friendly locksmith company with many years of experience behind us. Our reliable technicians are on call 24/7. They’ll be able to give you their feedback on each security item, and install it for you. We also offer very competitive prices. Don’t let that burglar stand a chance, give us a call today!

When that happens, remember that Green Locksmith is available throughout the Los Angeles, Orange County, Long Beach, and San Diego area.