Security Alarm

Through the advancement of technology, property owners can now place a security alarm on their doors or windows in order to detect potential intruders who might steal valuable things and important documents. This kind of security system is often recommended by professional locksmiths because it has sensors that can alert the authorities like police, medical team and firemen.

In San Diego and Long Beach areas, Green Locksmith is the reputable locksmith company that can install this security alarms in strategic locations of the house or commercial buildings. Our company is made up of professional locksmiths who are highly experienced in providing security solutions to your vehicle, residential and commercial properties. These people are ready to respond in less than 30 minutes as soon as you confirm the services you want to avail. We are also available 24/7 so customers can be assured that help in terms of lock and key concerns are within reach.

Security Alarm Installation

A security alarm is made of a sensor, a control panel and an alarm. When the sensor is placed, it will monitor the space and track any illegal intrusions. Once it observes or records something unusual, the control panel will then trigger the alarm to give a sound alert to the household owner. Most of these security alarms are attached to a security company where it monitors and responds to the needs of the household owner.

This security company will alert the police in case there are burglar attacks, the medical team if urgent medical attention is required, or the firemen if the property is being destroyed by fire. These are the main reasons why security alarm is an important tool for ensuring the safety of the entire home or property. It does not only lessen the crime rate but it also protects the entire property and the people inside it from natural calamities like fire, poisoning, flood and many others.

Why Choose Green Locksmith

Green Locksmith has expert technicians who can install security alarms in a residential or commercial property. Our company is fully licensed in San Diego and Long Beach areas and we also provide 90 days guarantee in all our work. What made us different from other companies is our dedication to provide quality services for all. We ensure that our professional locksmiths are licensed, bonded and insured.

Whatever lock and key concern that a person is facing, this will be solved right away without causing further damage or risks. This is due to the fact that our professional locksmiths are highly skilled and experienced in this industry. Whether you avail for security alarm installation or you simply want to have your locks or keys fixed, our people can deliver efficient services all the time.

Quality Locksmith Services for San Diego and Long Beach Areas

People always want the best and that is our dedication as a locksmith company. We aim to provide quality locksmith services in the residents of San Diego and Long Beach areas. We are open for business 24 hours a day in 7 days a week, plus we ensure a fast response of 30 minutes. Once you call us for help, we will be there to ensure that your security is preserved. Other than this, we are also equipped with durable and latest equipments for locksmith services.

Our Services

Call us to get a quote on our locksmith services. We will be pleased to serve you better.

The following services are what we provide:

  • Installation Access Control
  • Door Intercom
  • Security Camera DVR
  • Security Camera Systems/Installation
  • HD Surveillance Camera
  • Burglar Alarms
  • Buzzer System
  • Keyless System
  • Electric Strike

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