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Top Quality Security Cameras Systems Services in San Diego & Long Beach

Are you looking to increase the overall safety of your residential property? Green Locksmith offers a simplified security solution for you! High grade security cameras systems keep you and your family protected 24/7, which ironically enough is our availability rate as well. Professional security camera installation experts travel anywhere within the San Diego and Long Beach sections. First class customer satisfaction guaranteed on each CCTV surveillance camera we install. You don’t have to life in fear or panic in your own home anymore!

The most convenient part of having a security camera watching your property is that you can access the system from a smartphone or laptop on-the-go. You can safely monitor all incoming traffic and turn on the infrared lights when it starts to get dark. Zoom-in lenses give you the comfort and ability to magnify objects or get a close look at a person. Green Locksmith technicians are always on call 24/7 to assist and answer any questions you might have.

Full List of Security Cameras Systems & Residential Locksmith Services

Green Locksmith offers; security cameras systems installations and repairs, high security locks, spare key copies, master re-key, gate locks, garage door locks, sliding door locks repair, garage door locks, high quality security systems, window & door installation and much more. Our team of highly experienced technicians will also repair any problems with an existing security camera. Not only are we available 24 hours a day, we’re also able to arrive within 30 minutes time during any emergency situation. We’re only one quick call away!

CCTV systems are the best way to track and record all activities inside and outside of your home. The setup is fairly simple as well. We’ll install the state-of-the-art security camera anywhere on your property. Just let us know which section of your home is most appropriate or we can help decide which spot is most ideal. Our friendly technicians will give you a detailed analysis regarding installation. Your home will be closely kept under a watchful eye 24/7!

Green Locksmith works with the best and safest surveillance technology products on the market. Each surveillance security system is custom tailored to meet your specifications and requirements. CCTV surveillance cameras are also ideal for people who work from home offices. You have complete access and total control from the convenience of your desk. We’ll explain the various features of the camera and how to integrate it to your computer. There are no shortcuts when it comes to your safety!

Services for Security Camera Systems

Analog Camera Systems:

  •  Installation and configuration of professional analog cameras with network based DVR (digital video recorder) from standard 480TVL to 700 TVL picture quality or HD 1080p.
  •   All DVR’s have remote access from any internet device, client can see his camera system online at any given time.
  • Camera’s features Indoor/Outdoor, vandal proof, infrared, low light, most of the cameras have Sony Effio chip

IP Based Camera Systems :

  •  Installation and configuration IP based camera systems
  •   Standalone or PC based NVR.
  •   Various selection of HD cameras 1MP 720P or 2MP with 1080P resolution
  • IP system integration with access control system

Security Brands that we sell : Sony Panasonic, Samsung, LG, Vivotek, Axis, etc

Call Green Locksmith Today for Quick Security Cameras Systems Setup

Take no chances with cheap and useless CCTV technology! Green Locksmith only uses top quality brand names that are highly trustable. We’ve been in the locksmith game for many years with a proven record for success. We offer affordable prices and give you the finest security solutions in return. Call us today for a free consultation anywhere within the San Diego and Long Beach areas.

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