Security System Services

Security System Experts in San Diego & Long Beach

Are you tired of cheap alarm systems that don’t work? Green Locksmith provides you with the best quality security system technology and security monitoring. You no longer have to panic when you hear a loud noise in the middle of the night. Our highly qualified residential locksmith specialists will install a security system that meets your requirements. You can contact us 24/7 for emergency assistance. We have several teams that represent our company name in San Diego and Long Beach. We’re the most trusted residential locksmith around. We’re fully committed to your safety.

High Quality Security Systems

Do you recall the last time you changed the battery on your home security system? Many homeowners neglect this tiny detail which could cause your system to malfunction during crucial times. We can inspect the wire framing to make sure everything is in place. Our knowledgeable experts can repair any issues you may encounter with the brand new system. Just let us know where you’d like the security system installed. Most people prefer the installation near the kitchen or by the front door. There is nothing more useless than a cheap security system. All of our products are tested and approved beforehand. You can expect the best quality 24/7!

Green Locksmith Comprehensive List of Residential Services

Green Locksmith offers a multitude of residential locksmith solutions, which includes; professional caliber alarm systems, home security systems installed & repaired, door installation, high security locks, CCTV surveillance camera systems, garage door locks, iron works, gate locks, spare key solutions, rekeying existing door locks and much more. You’ll easily recognize our trademarked vans. We’ve been around for quite some time with a prestigious reputation and trusted brand name. We deploy the most talented technicians to your home for full assistance and security services. We’re only a quick phone call away!

Keeping Your Family Safe with a Reliable Security System

Security systems have many different functions which can be activated by simply pressing a button or swiping your smartphone. Once an intruder tries to break inside, a loud alarm signal will trigger off. You can activate a panic button which in turn will notify the proper authorities for rapid emergency response. Security systems have a built-in carbon monoxide monitoring function. This is crucial for elderly people and smaller children. You can easily avoid carbon monoxide poisoning with a loud siren notification alert. The same alert mechanism applies for fires and smoke detection. Green Locksmith is at your service 24/7!

Services that we provide :

  • Security cameras systems/ installation
  • Security camera DVR
  • Installation access control
  • HD Surveillance camera
  • Door Intercom
  • Buzzer System
  • Burglar Alarms
  • Electric Strike
  • Keyless system

Contact Green Locksmith Right Away!

We’re an honest and reputable locksmith company that is solely dedicated to your safety. We’ve doubled our staff to accommodate more clients in a shorter amount of time. We’ll provide you with the best quality security system at a price you’ll like. We’re based in San Diego and Long Beach with a 24/7 accessibility rate. Our emergency response time is mighty quick. As a matter of fact, you can expect to see us within 30 minutes for any emergency residential security situation. Call us for a free estimate and find out why we’re the best at what we do!