Transponder Key Programming San Diego

Green Locksmith San Diego provides on-the-spot transponder key programming. This is an important service if you have lost your car key that works on chip key technology. It is not as simple as cutting a new key, but requires specialty equipment and technology in order to reprogram your transponder and new key. Many people initially think to go to the car dealership, but that tends to be more expensive and time consuming.

Transponder Key Programming On the Spot!

Transponder key

Many of our customers are used to dealing with the usual key cutting for their cars made in the 1990’s. However, these days, the security technology has progressed greatly and it is no longer as simple as going to the your local hardware store. You have a few options if you lose your chip key: 1) Buy a blank transponder key on your own, 2) Go to the car dealership, or 3) Hire your local trusted San Diego locksmith. Here at Green Locksmith San Diego, of course we recommend the third option but for very fair reasons. We provide the entire service at your location, for your convenience. If you choose to buy a transponder key on your own (likely through eBay), you may get stuck with the wrong blank, but for certain, you will still need someone to program the key to your vehicle. Green Locksmith San Diego makes your life easier by taking care of all of these steps for you. Unlike the car dealership, you won’t need to tow your car and pay higher fees.


Call Green Locksmith San Diego today for on the site transponder key programming. We pride ourselves on being reliable, fast, and affordable! Call us 24/7 at (866) 822-7100 for a free quote over the phone.

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