Types of Security Doors in California

There are a few different types of security doors you can choose from and that are available to you within the state of California. There are no wood or steel doors that are truly safe if a thief is determined to get into your home. However, there are different types of security doors in California that do provide a higher degree of safety.

Green Locksmith is familiar with all the security doors on the market. Here, we’ll discuss some of them.

Sliding Security Door

One security option is the sliding security door. This is a stainless steel door that has been fortified and reinforced. It’s a door that uses stainless steel that is mixed with aluminum so that the strength of the door is increased. This strength can help prevent a break-in by burglars. These doors can be installed as a second door, and if you aren’t sure of who someone is when they knock, these doors can remain closed while you determine who your caller is. Because it is a sliding door, it doesn’t take up much room. Because it slides to the side, it obviously saves space.

Security Screen Doors

As the name implies, this security door has a screen on it. Just like the sliding screen door, this one is installed as a second door outside your main door. It opens outward (optionally it can also be installed on the inside and open inward depending on your preference.) This also allows you to open the main door, while keeping the security door closed. This is an option that is great for elderly people or single women.

Flyscreen Doors

Many people are familiar with these types of security doors. These have a mesh over them and they are designed to keep insects like flies, wasps and other flying bugs out. The great thing about these types of doors is their ability to allow you the option of keeping your main door open while providing ventilation.

Barrier Doors in California

These are an alternative to security doors and are usually just a single locking door. These can be fire proofed and are a great option in areas where there are higher chances of fires during the summer. (We all know how wildfires affect California!)

Locksmith Services in California

When you’re thinking about the types of security doors in California, you should also consider the locks. Green Locksmith provides excellent locksmith services. Keep in mind that various security doors will need new locks from time to time. They may need to be rekeyed, or repaired.

When that happens, remember that Green Locksmith is available throughout the Los Angeles, Orange County, Long Beach, and San Diego areas to fix the locks and provide you with the information you need to make a smart and informed decision about the types of security doors in California that you can choose from.

Our services are trusted throughout the whole southern part of California. Ask around! We’re certain that because of the top of the line equipment we use and the professional locksmiths we employ, your experience with Green Locksmith will be quite satisfactory.