Stolen Keys

Locks and keys are a great way to deny access to those we do not wish to enter, that’s why they’ve been used from the earliest days of humankind. But what happens when these precious keys get stolen?

That’s exactly what happened in Pennsylvania in last November. According to local police, a thief had managed to gain entry to a locker area where about 140 duplicate keys to apartments within the residential complex were kept. After having successfully entered this area, the thief had left with an unknown number of keys and had since burglarized 5 units. Over a period of two weeks thousands of dollars in money and valuables had been stolen without a single forced entry.

Since then, management is frantically trying to change locks on all the doors within the complex. Most of the apartments that were burglarized were, luckily enough, unoccupied at the time of the burglary. However, on one occasion the thief entered an apartment while both of its elderly residents were at the place. Fortunately enough, the thief fled the scene without causing any damage.

In all cases, no signs of forced entry were found, which led the police to the conclusion that the stolen keys were the means used by the thief for all five burglaries.

Police now recommends residents to leave on their TVs or stereo speakers while being away from their apartments. Tenants are also encouraged to change their locks on their own, if possible.

What can be learnt from this incident?

Handing over your keys is probably that easiest way they’re looking for. In case you learn that keys to your apartment complex’s units had been stolen or in case you find out that your own keys are lost, do not hesitate and immediately contact a certified locksmith to come and replace your door lock. Experienced locksmiths should have no problem completing the task within several minutes, leaving your home safer and you more relaxed.